Guaranteed Rent

How Does Guaranteed Rent Work?
We basically become your tenant, therefore taking on the liability, giving complete peace of mind guaranteeing you a fixed rental income.

This is ideal for a landlord who wants minimal hassle and to receive guaranteed rental income each and every month.

The Benefits of working with us;​

  • No Rent arrears
  • No Voids
  • 0% Management Charge
  • Free Refurbishment (If required)
  • Long Term Lease (1-5 Years)
  • Truly passive income
  • We Cover most maintenance costs

Are you a landlord exhausted but don’t want to sell your property? Do you want a totally hands-off approach but still want assured rental income? Are you tired of serving eviction notices?

We have good news and you don’t need to look any further.

Property Buzzer Ltd are now offering landlords in Birmingham a unique opportunity to continue earning money from their properties without the troubles and obstacles of being a landlord.



Firstly, your property needs to be suitable and if it is all parties sign an agreement from 1-5 years guaranteeing you a fixed rental income every month subject to us being able to rent out your property with a strategy that works for all, and all parties will agree. We may need to create a great interior design to maximise the chances of success. Please note you will still be responsible for major repairs including roof, boiler and other necessary work.


To be eligible for this scheme we have the following criteria so only apply if :

  • your property is situated 0-2 miles max from any city centre or popular holiday destination or student location
  • Owned either mortgage or outright
  • You are the legal owner or have the permission to make decisions on how the property is used

If you meet the above criteria contact us 0121 649 1335 or email us with a description of the property, property photographs and any queries you may have to

  1. Send your details

You can call us or email us your enquiry form via the contact us form below.

  1. It’s good to talk

Our staff will be in contact within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.

  1. Property assessment

Our staff will explain the best options to get for your Airbnb/Property to get the highest yield. We will then send a Property Buzzer colleague to view your property.

  1. Listing your property

The final step is to list your property and start receiving income ££.

Guaranteed Rent- KEY BENEFITS

Rent is guaranteed, paid on time, month in, month out – With experience within the property industry we know which properties will perform well and that we can guarantee the rent on. Properties in or around the city centre tend to do much better than properties outside of it. 

100% Transparency- We understand that your property is a well-earned asset, so when we guarantee the rent you can see the monthly reports. 

No Tenants to deal with- Managing tenants can be a nightmare if not done correctly, we takt this pressure of 3am phone calls and tenant disputes away so you can sit back and watch the guaranteed rent roll in.

100% passive income- You get paid the guaranteed rent each month without having to lift a finger, Property Buzzer takes care of everything.

No Voids- As we are guaranteeing the rent you can be sure that there will be no missed payments, or late payments

Contact us

To find out more about our guaranteed rent service and what package suits you, call us today on 0121 649 1335, email us at or fill in the short form below