HMO Property Management

At property buzzer, we help HMO investors manage their HMO’s and our management service combines our HMO expertise with excellent customer service and negotiation skills. 

We know that managing multiple tenants is not easy; especially when they have different needs to cater for. We are here to help; our HMO management service is the best and our staff are friendly. We can liaise with Birmingham City Council and other organisations to help tenants. We even like to have a laugh with our tenants and build a good rapport with them because, at the end of the day we are all humans and have far more in common. If you manage your own HMO, then you know there is more work involved than for a single let property because you are managing more than once tenancy agreement and more than one tenant. 

What’s more, due to the fact that HMO tenants are generally short term, you need to knowledge and experience to vet and find the suitable tenants. Our sales and negotiation team are able to source and hopefully secure contracts from the council and companies, however, we charge a one-off fee for this. It is very important that your HMO meets compliance regulations. We can check whether it is safe and compliant before we negotiate contracts on your behalf. 

Our company can manage your HMO, you will be able to get updates on your property, and we will also send you monthly reports. You can see all the rents coming in, what maintenance is being done and savings that are made, this is in addition to monthly financial reports.

WHY Property Buzzer?

Tenant Types

One of the first discussions we will have regarding your HMO will be what tenant type is most suited to your property and you as a landlord.

Our 3 main tenant types are;

  • Working Professionals
  • Social Housing
  • Students

Once we know your tenant type, we will give you estimations on what rent we expect to achieve. 

Our low management fees

We have the lowest fees on the market – that is a fact. We are able to keep our fees very low because we are an online web-based company and have fewer management layers and lower overhead costs. We do not charge any administration fees just a management fee. You can find our prices in the price section on our website. Our objective is to help our clients, achieve financial freedom and have a better lifestyle through peace of mind and solid rental returns on their property. We do not charge any agency fees or any other hidden fees which means we attract high quality tenants. 

Contact us

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