Property Management

We provide property management services in Birmingham and the

surrounding areas. 

We cover single let, HMO’s, block of flats and student accommodation management. Our prices are the cheapest on the market and we provide a quality service with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. 

Property Management is a passion of us here at Property Buzzer, we use our knowledge in marketing, customer service, interior design and management to ensure landlords make the most out of their investment. We truly care about your property and we will always treat it like a gold medal, ensuring it is looked after in the best possible way. 

We look after your property, the way we look after our own

As a local and privately operated business in Birmingham, Property Buzzer Ltd focuses on delivering excellent customer service and we always ensure that your needs and expectations are fully met. We as a company, combine love for property, local knowledge and bespoke service to provide our clients with solid rental returns and peace of mind. We handle everything a management company does, however, our rates, service, innovation and passion for property is our unique selling point. The result – an increased return on your investment with minimum fees and increased peace of mind. The low cost and low management overhead means, that as a landlord you can focus on other things whilst we manage on your behalf. 

Our service to you

There is much more to property management than you think. Because we are as passionate about property as you, our bespoke service is designed to maximise your investment. 

Here is some of our stress-free key management service things that we offer: 

Accurate rental appraisals: We will give you a realistic rental valuation so you can get the best financial return on your investment. Our valuation process takes many things into account including location and current market trends. 

Effective marketing: We will market your property to a wide range of potential tenants in the following channels: 

  • Using property rental website such as, Airbnb, etc.
  • Listing on our website
  • Advertising using our contacts and social media
  • Advertising on local newspapers where appropriate
  • Online advertising

Screening potential guests/tenants: We have a rigorous screening process, which enables us to get the right guests/tenants for your property. If at any stage during this process the applicant is not suitable their booking is declined. 

Communication: We understand how frustrating it can be to have poor customer service from agents. That is why we provide regular communication to keep you informed and up-to-date. We handle all communications with guests/tenants including check ins and bookings queries. 

Our low management fees

We have the lowest fees on the market – that is a fact. We are able to keep our fees very low because we are an online web-based company and have fewer management layers and lower overhead costs. We do not charge any administration fees just a management fee. You can find our prices in the price section on our website. Our objective is to help our clients, achieve financial freedom and have a better lifestyle through peace of mind and solid rental returns on their property. We do not charge any agency fees or any other hidden fees which means we attract high quality tenants.

WHY Property Buzzer?

There are many reasons why you should choose us as your management company. Below are some key benefits: 

Key Benefits

  • Complete Transparency- You can stay up-to-date on how your property is doing with our monthly reports and emails.
  • Property Care- we treat your property like our own and will look after it in the best way possible. 
  • No Hidden Costs- You only pay the % fee each month for complete management, no extra tenant find costs, charges to amend contracts or fixed admin charges.
  • Keeping Legal- We are property management experts and will ensure each booking/tenancy is created legally and all laws and legislation adhered to and we always comply with GDPR. 
  • Price- We offer the best and cheapest management rates in the market which means more profit for yourself. 

Contact us

To find out more about our property management services and what package suits you, call us today on 0121 649 1335, email us at or fill in the short form below: