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About Us

Property Buzzer Ltd is a real estate agency based in Birmingham specialising in sales, residential lettings, HMO’s and commercial lettings. We manage everything while you sit back and relax. We offer our landlords a hands-free approach and add a personal touch to our services with unbeatable prices in the market. Our core objective is to treat every property like our own and look after it with the best care and get it tenanted within 14 days or less. 

We offer a new fresh and modern approach to property management and all our services are offered at the highest quality possible. We are the most unique property management company in Birmingham. As well as managing properties, we offer branding, interior design and much more!

Headquartered in Birmingham, Property Buzzer Ltd was established to fill the gap of busy landlords who cannot manage their properties and are often charged huge management rates and a poor service. Our services and hands on approach allows our clients to sit back and relax so that we can take charge and deliver maximum return on their investment.

We use modern marketing methods, secure security checks and a new approach in order to get the right tenants so that your property is in safe hands. We provide landlords with the opportunity to maximise their rental income with hassle free professional management; we are very attention to detail and have great local contacts. If you are looking for a reliable, professional and smart management company then get in touch!

Why choose
Property Buzzer?

We operate in Birmingham and know the market inside out so therefore we can respond to tenant issues efficiently and in a timely manner when they arise. We can also deal with other issues when they arise as we have a good network.

Our management rates are the cheapest on the market and now and again we also offer exclusive discounts and offers so keep an eye out for that. Our services are of high quality, and our staff are reliable and professional.

We also offer:

Cheapest prices – We offer unbeatable management rates on the market from as little as 5% to 15% dependant on the package you require.

No Hidden Charges– We do not charge extra costs such as admin fees, sign up charges etc. You pay our management fee and nothing else for our management.

Hands on Approach– Property Buzzer Ltd conducts monthly property inspections to ensure your property is keeping legal and in good condition.  All reports are available for the landlord.

Maintenance– 24/7 Maintenance team on hand for emergency call out’s, routine maintenance but these are invoiced to the landlord. (We are happy to use your recommended tradesmen also)

Security– We hold guest security deposits securely and will process any damage to the property accordingly following the guidelines.

We maximise your income

Our dynamic pricing strategy maximises your rental income per night, so that you can get the most value out of your property.

We work in partnership with booking platforms

We personally work with booking platform such as Airbnb and others to ensure that homeowners and guests both have a golden experience and are fully satisfied.

We make short lettings hassle free

We take full control of revenue management, guest communication, key management, housekeeping, design and more so you can sit back and relax.

Guaranteed Rental Income

Are you a landlord exhausted but don’t want to sell your property?
Do you want a totally hands-off approach but still want assured rental income?
Are you tired of serving eviction notices?

We have good news and you don’t need to look any further.

Property Buzzer Ltd are now offering landlords in Birmingham a unique opportunity to continue earning money from their properties without the troubles and obstacles of being a landlord.

  • No voids

  • No contact with tenants

  • 3-5 years guaranteed rental agreements

How does Guaranteed Rental Income work?

Firstly, your property needs to be suitable and if it is all parties sign an agreement from 1-5 years guaranteeing you a fixed rental income every month subject to us being able to rent out your property with a strategy that works for all, and all parties will agree. We may need to create a great interior design to maximise the chances of success. Please note you will still be responsible for major repairs including roof, boiler and other necessary work.

How do I get started?

To be eligible for this scheme we have the following criteria so only apply if :

  • your property is situated 0-2 miles max from any city centre or popular holiday destination or student location
  • Owned either mortgage or outright
  • You are the legal owner or have the permission to make decisions on how the property is used

If you meet the above criteria contact us 0121 649 1335 or email us with a description of the property, property photographs and any queries you may have to

1. Send your details

You can call us or email us your enquiry form via the contact us form below.

2. It’s good to talk

Our staff will be in contact within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.

3. Property assessment

Our staff will explain the best options to get for your Airbnb/Property to get the highest yield. We will then send a Property Buzzer colleague to view your property.

4. Listing your property

The final step is to list your property and start receiving income ££.


Single Homeowner/Investor

Second Homeowner


You have chosen the right management company

At Property Buzzer we will advertise and list your property on as many OTA’s (Online Travel Agents) such as Airbnb, and we will ensure that these accounts are managed properly and guests are informed of the processes. Maximising profit is key and therefore we will ensure regular bookings are made. We will also advertise in many other ways of course.

What is Airbnb/Serviced
Accommodation management?

An Airbnb management service is a company that manages short stays on behalf of a homeowner. Including services such as: meet and greet, cleaning, check out, ad creation, and communication with guests, etc. It also includes managing bookings and dealing with big booking platforms on behalf of landlords.

Dealing with clients who wish to rent an apartment or home can be a real chore. You will have to clean the apartment prior to their arrival and then greet them when they arrive. You will have to be there when they check out and clean after they leave. Being responsible for communicating with potential visitors requires constantly staying on top of emails and phone calls or you could potentially lose clients.

The benefits of serviced accommodation

  • 1. Space

    Our serviced apartments have much more space than your average hotel rooms, providing you with separate living and sleeping rooms along with a fully equipped kitchen to enable socializing with friends and family.

  • 2. Privacy

    We offer less frequent housekeeping. Unlike daily cleaning in hotels, our housekeeping is done when you check out to allow maximum privacy. However, we ask guests to contact us if you require us to come and clean. Cleaners clean the whole apartment, change your bed linen and towels, take out the rubbish and even do your dishes. Our golden customer service will always be there to ensure you have an amazing stay.

  • 3. Location

    Our serviced apartments enjoy perfectly central locations with a good transport network and a safe environment. Our apartments are close to local amenities, tourist attraction and public transport. Many of our apartments are also in regular residential blocks making you feel at home and like a local.

  • 4. Kitchen

    Our serviced apartments always come with fully equipped kitchens including fridge/freezer, oven and hobs, toaster, kettle, microwave, and a range of cooking utensils. This way you are in control of your food allowing to cook your favourite dishes, master your cooking skills or simply dine with your family and friends and save on costly restaurant bills.

  • 5. DIY Laundry

    While most hotels do your laundry for you, it is generally expensive. Our serviced apartments come with an in-room or communal washer dryer, which means you can wash your clothes at home at no cost avoiding expense laundry bills. You will usually be provided with some washing powder so you do not even have to buy that – we told you we will look after you.

  • 6. Cost

    Considering all the benefits, you would assume that serviced apartments are much more expensive than hotels. Well, that is not the case. You would generally save more than 30% by booking a service apartment rather than a hotel. In addition, you will save money by not eating out all the time, and not using costly laundry services. So, not only is it beneficial but money saving as well.

Getting started with Property Buzzer is easy…

1. Sign up with Property Buzzer
Fill out a quick and simple form or call one of our host advisers to sign up.

2. Onboarding
We will arrange a time and date suitable for you so we can view your property and ask any questions we might have.

3. Agreement
We will send you over an agreement + Terms & conditions for you to read through and sign off explaining how our management company works. Once this is signed, we are almost ready to go.

4. Preparing your property
We will prepare your property and make it really nice with great interior designs and this will be discussed and agreed with yourself.

5. Photography
We will take professional photographs of your property. Our professional photos, optimised for Airbnb, will show your property in its best light.

6. Listing
Our range of tips and SEO knowledge of the rental platforms enable us to make your ad stand out in the Airbnb, search results. We will create great listings of your property so that bookings can start straight away.

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What our customer say about us

Customer Service very good. Apartment very clean, central and quiet. No hesitation in recommending.

Although this is a new company, the staff are very professional and hardworking.

Developed with the best partners you can think off

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